Super Analyzer

Super Analyzer 1.0

Quick stats on your iTunes collection


  • Graph views
  • No installation


  • No flexibility with data


If you're anything like me, by now you have a sizable iTunes collection on your Mac. Have you ever thought to release some stats on it, just out of curiosity?

That's what Super Analyzer does. This Java Runtime requires no installation and will extract all the information from your iTunes to produce graphs and charts on your music library. You'll be able to see the evolution of genres, tracks you like, or highest playing times. Super Analyzer will also let you know the most played, highest rated songs and includes a whole list of count stats.

The application only takes a second to launch and generate graphs, though unfortunately you won't be able to play around with the data and arrange the graphs the way you want. Once you realize this, Super Analyzer becomes a bit limited.

All in all a novelty, but lacks the flexibility to really be useful for any iTunes owner.

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Super Analyzer


Super Analyzer 1.0

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